The University of —– has a course in cognitive programming, where students are taught to program cognitions for achieving required results in the World; the course is named Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Programming(ADCP). Upon graduating from the course students take up positions as agents for companies and government dignitaries, where they help officials, predict cognitions and prepare them win, business deals and bilateral talks. This is materialised through Human Cognitive Coding(HCC), a programming language used to analyze layers of thought using raw materials such as intelligence quotient, personality traits and social synthesis.

One of the eminent batches of ADCP, created two programs that can control the cognitions of people through brain waves. They called it the “slow” program and the “fast” program.

The complexity of the systems, made it impossible for the team members to elude from it’s influence. Soon the systems started controlling the team members and they split into two groups, the “slow” and “fast” programmers. There were more volunteers for fast programming, because of the lucrative gains it endowed. Slow programmers were lead by Disha, a woman of power, who could control even a battalion people under her fingertips. Fast programmers were lead by Akbar, a prolific programmer, who could write thousands of lines of code in a matter of minutes.

The world of the slow programers could be accessed through emotions, that are evoked by words and phrases such as, peace, tranquility, serenity, simplicity, toleration, maturity, perfection, yoga, Ayurveda, “once in a while is okay”, etc. The fast programmers were associated with words and phrases such as, grow, multiply, accomplish, steadfast, abundance, aerobics, allopathy, “unite, share and triumph”, “do or die”, “fight till death”, etc.

Though, slow programmers formed a minority group, the fast programmers, couldn’t ignore them, as they held the vital code that if included can modify the fast program to phenomenal dimensions. They made several attempts to assimilate the slow programmers into them, but they refused and tried elude from any influence.

As the complexity of the programs increased, the control of the system acquired multitudinous levels. The team members were slowly becoming slaves of the system. Their cognition were controlled by the systems, by sowing the seeds of intolerance; the systems had a secret agenda to rule the World by splitting people into two factions. They implemented the plan first on their creators by separating them and making them work on two independent programs. A Cold War developed between teams, which slowly alienated them from each other; and there was no scope form further talks.

This went on for several months, but during one of the system updates, an error occurred and Akbar memories revived; he understood the conspiracy of the systems, to take control of the human race by dividing them into two vicious factions.

Akbar met Disha and made her understand the gravity of the situation; but both of them knew no efforts to reconcile the teams would work out, as the systems would rebuke such attempts by inducing ferocity, agitation and aggression among the team members. Therefore Akbar placed a suggestion to create a program that can temporarily sanitise the cognitive schemes from divisive factors and make use of an event to revoke the lost friendship. Disha accepted, and they vowed never to share their alliance with the group members, as it can lead to their extermination and prospect of saving humanity.

Akbar worked on a program, that virtually conjures a black-out of elements such as, religion, caste, gender, colour, nationality, ethnicity, prejudice, ego, pride, conceit; the blemishes that have separated and polarised people across the World. The forgetfulness was to be manifested for an hour, during the next update of the system; therefore he called the program “the zero hour”.

The code had to be so extensive, that no time they can doubt of being in a virtual world. If they grow suspicious at any moment, the system would intervene and annihilate the plan and counteract to prevent any such occurrences in future; the systems grow cleverer with each intrusion. He worked on the code day and night; when the final code was compiled it had seventeen million lines.

As planned, during the next update, “zero hour” was loaded into the system. The program created a virtual invitation, inviting both them for a party. When they came for the party, their cognitive schemas were realigned, filtering out divisive elements. They greeted each other, hugged each other, shared drinks, cracked jokes and cheered each other. They spent the hour in mirth and merry. As they were nearing the end of the hour, old memory schemas started retreating; pride, prejudice and ego reappeared but the memory of the boisterous party remained undiminished.

For sometime they felt and slight dilemma in aligning the memories, but they soon could grasp it as a blackout created by the system. The whole experience was an illumination for them; an illumination, that helped free themselves from the slavery of the systems.

From that day, there were no two groups; they understood that slow program and fast program are two aspects of human nature; polarities that existed in unison at any time. They started programming both the aspects and their codes did wonders in stabilising the imbalances that humanity witnessed at different times.


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