GB road elope

It was not the first time I visited that place, so there was nothing unfamiliar about the place, that my mind could have noticed. I fixed the deal for five thousand rupees, it was as good as new, barely touched by anyone; if at all touched, it can neglected as part of training.

I paid the agent, one thousand and the rest was to be paid to the animal. He directed me to the room, where the fancy animal was tied. As usual the path was crowed with people who had come to satisfy their God given instinct; God could have sent us down without this instinct or could have satisfied our instinct equally; anyway for all those who are a failure at finding someone to satisfy himself/herself, he made brothels and escorts.

The road was spread with a red carpet and even the sky had a scarlet tinge. The women dressed in red sarees and red churidars stayed on balconies to attract the bulls, who came search of flesh and to be slaughtered down at the end of the search. Everything around me reflected red light.

After climbing the stairs and passing several rooms, I came to a small room, where my toy animal was caged. The whole path way, lingered with an aroma, which was a mixture of smell of sweat and sexual emissions; a highly stimulating smell that can drown a person into the experience of carnal pleasures without actually indulging in it.

As I opened the dimly lit room, my doll was sitting on the bed, with her head resting on on her right knee and her hands tightly clasping her knee in position; her face was turned towards the window. Her fertile bosom could be seen popping out through the folds of her saree; she was wearing a glazing light blue saree with lot of designs, which gave her the appearance of a bride.

I came close to her and touched her shoulder; I felt slight shudder passing through my limbs, though it was not the first time I approach a woman. She turned her head and gave an innocent look; I saw her face for first time and that was enough for me; a light disseminated from her eyes and filled the darkness. I couldn’t hold my eyes open, as the light would have made me blind; so powerful was that simple gaze that took away my soul along with it. I retired and sat down on the chair, that was beside the bed, still unable to open my eyes. I covered my face with my palms, and sat like an impotent guy, who felt zero arousal even after being alone with a woman in a room, though all the conditions were adequate to turn one into the sexual act.

After sitting for few minutes, without even turning to her for a second look, I handed over her the amount as assured and left. When leaving, my arm was caught from behind and simultaneously the money was rolled into my palm.

Now, I took got courage to have a second look at her; the eyes were still glowing with fire, but I could bear far better than before. I gestured, why she returned the money; for which she replied, “kaam naheen kiya hai.” I was waiting for those words to fall from her lips; I would have come to her, till the day I go bankrupted, wishing some day I would hear those words. That was enough to restore the despondency, that had consumed my spirits.

I stared incessantly at those twinkling bright eyes, that earnestly waited for my responses. I pulled her up from the bed and cuddled, taking her close to me; we gazed at each other with intense passion. Then, we crumbled on the bed; my entire weight rested on her, sinking her body into the bed. I could feel two semi-spheres protruding in to my chest; her breath was caressing my neck. I paused for few seconds, sensing the currents flowing through her body; she was breathing heavily; and there was anxiety in every breath, because everything was unusual and unanticipated. Her hairs swayed in my breath, as I moved my lips close to the forehead.I kissed her and she closed her eyes. Sweat rolled down her forehead; it smelled wine.  After which I slowly retreated, relieving the weight from top to bottom.

We kept looking at each other, as she still laid sunken on the bed, trying to recover from the thrust of my heavy body. I asked her “Kaam ab kiya hai?” She neither replied nor or took the money. So, I placed the money on the table and slowly moved out of the room.

As I passed the door, I heard her weeping, and I went back to her. She sat on the bed clasping both her knees and sinking her face. I sat beside her and asked her, “kya aap meeree saath aana caahatee hain?”

She did not reply, and I pulled myself to leave; but I as crossed the door and reached the veranda, I heard the tingling of her anklets. She walked out of the room and stood close to me, uncertain and undecided. I clasped her arm and walked out of the cage.

We eloped to some place, where no one can come searching for us.


6 thoughts on “GB road elope”

  1. I searched this place for another purpose (that people usually think of it) but now my hunger turned into humanity 🙂

  2. How did you ensure that a pimp’s prized possession is taken away from them? They would have been very very angry.

  3. Its a mere imagination of an artist. No details, no important data. The words tangle the beauty which I scarcely run through even after my many escapades. He doesn’t mention the local details, the chawl number, the name of agent, his number, which agency he contacted for the purpose which provided him with so elite services at GB road which I fail to understand at a totally unexpected rate. I myself has not been able to delve into such indecencies with such delicacies even after paying thrice the sum twice I tell you. No particulars itself indicates that it is just a sensational figment and lacks respect in all totality as it frails from the facts.

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