Eye for an eye…reloaded

What if as accomplished in the story eye-for-an-eye, the Destiny did not wait for a late appeasement? He intervened very soon, after the protagonist’s failed attempt at proposal; also the scene of the guy kissing the girl, the protagonist proposed, is excluded.

Destiny appeared as man wearing a cow-boy hat, with thick gray whiskers and met the protagonist on the way back home.

Suddenly, from the opposite side of the road, he heard a voice

“Hey! Man, you look depressed and dejected”

He turned in the direction of the voice and he was startled to find an old man waving his hand at him.

The old man had approached him by that time and placed his massive hands on his shoulder.

“Are you going to cry within yourself and wait for a delayed justice?”

He had no words to speak. So Destiny continued

“In your case, I give you a choice; you can either live depressed, till the time, I come across your case file or start living a pleasant life from tomorrow”

Still he had nothing to say, for he never had come across this old man anywhere in his life; but the old man is knowing everything about him.

Destiny patted on his shoulder and walked away.

Upon reaching home, he thought about what the old man said. He found that there is something true about what the old man said; “why should I ruin my life crying over something that may be of no importance in my life?” , he thought for himself.

The next day he didn’t appear depressed and dejected; he was calm and relieved from the strain, that he kept within himself for so long.

But the girl was not in the same charm and spirit as on the previous day, when she rejected him. She kept away from his eye’s reach as much as possible, to avoid even accidental glances. Also kept her head stooped most of the time, in order to avoid glancing at anyone; and by accident it might be him.

Seeing her despondency, he got more disconcerted, for he had trained himself to be pleasant; now there was no opportunity expose the fact he was unmoved, when she was completely moved.

This continued to another day.

A role reversal was occurring behind the scenes; he felt remorseful about his action that might have pulled her into grief; Similar situation could have arisen if he had borne the grief, and the girl becomes unhappy seeing him grieve.

Next day while walking down the stairs after the class, they met each other; she couldn’t look at him for long, for her eyes were filled with shyness and penitence.

He broke the silence by that pervaded between them by saying, “Gauri, I am sorry for misunderstanding you; it was entirely my fault”

Her face drooped down, and gazed at the floor .

“You didn’t misunderstand; but I can’t”, said her, releasing herself from the confinement of grief, that kept boiling within her for days, since she spoke to him.

He wanted to ask, “why can’t she?”, but he didn’t require any further explanation; those few words she uttered told him everything.

In few days time, they recouped their friendship; they became very good friends in few weeks. They came to understand soon, that being friends was far a challenging task than being lovers.


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