Interpretation of insomnia

A person is always caught between dualities; good or bad, moral or immoral, pure and impure. The dualities are often accompanied by the cage, the person is locked, culture, religion, family, tradition, destiny, science etc.

The dualities reflect each other, but we often miss to look at them together. They work simultaneously, one predicts the fate of the other. We are mostly stuck between one or another extreme; and try to eliminate one by taking hold of the other. Here we fail to recognize that, dualities exist within us, as mind makes the division; this creates internal conflict.

The leaving the cage is a person’s seeking for freedom. Mind again works with dualities; when one abolishes the fact that he can be trapped, the person comes alive. But to be trapped again, because when cage vanishes in the real World, it is still existing in the mental sphere. One who breaks out of a cage is fearful of being trapped in another. What if the reverse happens, one accepts his cage; the cage come alive and the person loses his importance. And the seeking for freedom ends. We are part of one or another cage every moment and that is freedom!

I learned to be immoral, because I was taught to be moral!


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