A tarot card reader with tarot cards and a caged parrot, wandered in the town and spoke the destiny of people. The parrot comes out when the door of the cage is open and goes in after eating a wheat grain that the man generously gave the bird.

On one of his journeys, he met a fortune teller, but one who prophesied by listening to what birds talk. He would listen to the chippings of birds nearby the house where he went and made his prophesy.

The tarot card reader and the fortune teller sat for a match; the tarot card reader asked the fortune teller to tell his destiny by listening to his parrot. The fortune teller listened carefully to what the birds talk and said “the parrot says you will your quit business soon”.

The tarot card reader was angry and wanted to check his destiny himself. He opened the door and the parrot picked a card. The card read, “you will not seek anymore”; that made him happy. He did not reproach the fortune teller. The fortune teller left the scene, though not so happy at his attempt.

Before he gave the grain the bird leaped to fly away. The fortune teller laughed out of triumph and said “See what I prophesied is going to be true”. The tarot card reader was stricken by agony out of incompetence. He shouted at the the flying bird, “You are flying inside a bigger cage, once I catch you, I will fry you in my oven”. Hearing this the bird returned to it’s cage and the tarot card reader locked the door. The tarot card reader felt so happy at his achievement and the fortune teller left heart broken having failed at his prophecy.

But that day, tarot card reader thought of a new trick, he thought “why can’t I catch birds using the same trick?” He caught many birds and sold them; became rich. Thus the fortune teller was right; but he too quit his business and turned himself into a saint, who prophesied the destiny of people who came seeking for him.


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