I cut my head and placed it in my freezer. I am a man without a head. Now you tell me that, you see me with my head; it is your imagination, you brain makes you perceive me with my head. Now if you ask me where is my brain; my brain is in my stomach.

I will tell you another secret, I have no hand or legs, they too are in the freezer. You can’t imagine a man without head, hands, and legs; so your brains have pacified with a false perception of reality. As I have revealed as much, let me tell you everything; I have no torso too. So what is left, my brain; it is hanging on an infinitely long thread and swaying in air.

Your brain has been imposing an imagination of me, which was a false perception, to make you happy. I know you are not so happy now, having seen my brain hung on an infinitely long thread. But slowly, you will adjust to reality, and your brain will stop pacifying you, because you no more need a false belief. Now you are feeling more happy and settled.

But I haven’t finished, you need to learn something about yourself too; you haven’t go anything that I have not got. I know that you are bit worried, because its hard to imagine your brain hanging on an infinitely long thread. Yes it’s true, there are only hanging brains in this World. I know you haven’t settled enough, you see the device in which your are reading this essay, so you feel that it’s all make-belief. But trust me, if your brain can make you believe that you have a body, can’t it invent a device for you? ‘

But no need to worry at all, myself and others see you as your body only. Our brains play the same trick on us, that your brain does on you. We are imposing imaginations on each other and it’s just our imaginations that survive. Now you are moreover settled; but I know, no one can easily change their belief about themselves. But note the word “belief”, it’s all a belief.

Now, brain is not a fleshy mass, as you think; it is a group of electrical signals, that gives you the perception of so called “reality”. Let’s say if I see an exotic figure, it pricks my brain; it is my instinct what plays the part here. And my instinct is an electric potential, that crosses a potential barrier upon reaching a threshold value. Now you are far more convinced.

Now, how did I come to know about this before you? My brain creates a time-lag, which allows me a seeing. It is not a speciality of my brain, it’s the speciality of the drug called cocaine.

Don’t touch me, you might get electrocuted.


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