Million Dollar Arm-A movie review

After watching the movie Million Dollar Arm, I came to realize, how people change themselves and how they contribute towards change in others. This movie gave me a new vision, or has reassured me with a vision that I haven’t given much importance in the past. Life is not a one man’s journey, it is a journey that we make together.

The movie is based on a real life story, where two young lads(Dinesh and Rinku) from India got an opportunity to be trained as baseball players in America. Their benefactor whose name is JB, struggles at balancing their baseball coaching and retaining the deal with his client. Amit, from India who acts as translator cum mentor for the lads and JB’s girlfriend Brenda are the other characters of primary importance in the movie.

The story line talks about the changes that happen in the lives of these five people and rest of the characters act as contributors to the change. It doesn’t mean that the other characters are born perfect ;but they have their own stories. We have to imagine life as a collection of connected stories; and this movie talks about one such story. It is obvious to mistaken that JB plays the leading role in the movie; but it’s a right mistake, as he is the locus of the points connecting all the other characters. The script writer has done exceptional characterization and made sure that every character is in sync with each other.

The changes that happen in the lives of the lads are basically towards grooming them in terms of the new situation and sport that they venture. Amit tells us how a man can make use of his own potential and effectively participate in life. May be Amit, reflects Indian talent to be flexible and be adjustable in life; which are primary skills one should achieve for better living in a developing country. Though Amit showcases a funny role in the role, I do consider him with much significance. He represents the common man in a developing country, who have never thought of chasing their dreams, when struggling for daily bread. He speaks about this limitation, when he inspires the lads by saying “I am seeing my dream in both of you”. Still his spirit to rise above the horizon, makes him commit himself for a job, without any remuneration.

On the other hand JB is a man born in a privileged country, who dreamt of doing something of his own and followed his dream. Here is where, we see contrast between a person born in an privileged and unprivileged country; though people might have same intellectual abilities, their living situation can impose pecuniary and psychological restrains. For JB, the transition basically was of self-actualization; here Maslow and his “hierarchy of needs” can defend my explanation. He turned himself from a materialistic western guy to a person who also appreciates humane nature. His transition can be reduced in his own words “baseball shouldn’t be just about business, you should have fun”. The catalyst  for such a change is no one else but Brenda, who in time became his life partner too.

There is a also a contrast between west and east throughout the movie; I just want put it like, a man and woman relationship. Even this is silently conveyed, when Brenda says “She never felt talking to him, before he went to India” and he asks “why?” but she doesn’t give any reason. He achieves a blend of contrasting cultures and that makes him move ahead with his dream. Again this is analogous to getting into a relationship with a woman. It also tells about, the intellectual and emotional aspects that have to be entwined for dealing better with people. I have nothing to say about Brenda, she is perfect as any other woman I have met in life. Yet I would say, she earned a man’s heart by showing mercy; and that is feminine.

Art is about silently conveying, what should be conveyed; the story has to talk on it’s own as a single entity, that has developed through stages; where no stage is of prime importance to another. The script of the movie so elegant to speak to us a lot, by not speaking; and bringing us to the experience through simple words, that we barely notice.


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