Another bird(‘s) story

A humming bird, which had burned her wings in a lighting discharge, lived a life of misery and agony for several years. Misery became so usual a routine that bird even forgot it’s misery. Flying was her mastery, she flew swifter than any other humming bird in her premise.

Years passed by, one day while sitting in the pothole of a banyan tree, she saw something that astounded her and pulled her veins from head to toe. She saw a cuckoo flying with just one wing. They smiled at each other, and the cuckoo came near; her eyes reflected empathy. Humming bird asked cuckoo, how does she fly with one wing? cuckoo said that she lived years in desolation inside her nest, till day when she accidentally fell from her nest. The bottom of tree having her nest had thorny vegetation, which could kill her instantly. Like a straw for a drowning man, she used her only wing to lift herself but she couldn’t and kept falling further. Out of the need of the hour she balanced her weight by slanting her body towards the side of her only wing and escaped from falling on the thorns by changing her direction. From that day she kept practising, flying with one wing; and today she flies like any other bird.

Humming bird, looked at herself, she had just burned her wings, but they aren’t totally absent. From that day she started practising flying with her partially burned wings. Within a months time, she saw herself lifting up in air. She could see the bright sky again and fly along with the flock of birds.

Months passed by, slowly life became as normal as before the days of her misery. One fine day she noticed that the tissues of her burned wings have started rejuvenating. Soon feathers started growing and she appeared as if she had never gone through any adversity.


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