We believe…

We believe that…..

Cows should not be slaughtered
yet Humans can be mutilated.
Owning the tradition of “kamasutra” is a pride
yet the word “kama” would result in a stampede.

Pondering into oneself can make one insane.
Faith can only bring eternal settlement.
Following without reason makes sense.
Science is taught for a better placement.

Woman who initiates a conversation
with a strange man is a whore.
Never give her any consideration.

Life is about leading a family life
and there is nothing as personal life.
There is nothing called a personal choice
and life is to burden oneself for others choice.

Sitting beside a strange woman is a sin
yet torturing one’s wife is fun.
A black cloak can protect a woman from men.
At least it protects her from dust and sun.

A Woman who goes for a rave party
is a seductress and she thinks dirty.
They should remain forever silent
Learn to bear to abuse and be resilient.

Respecting a transgender is a custom
yet respecting genders is not genuine.
Sex can happen between any man and woman
and only thing they need is a private room.

Carvings of obscenity on temple walls is spiritual
yet talking about sex in public is perversion
and sex at least for a woman is a ritual.

Woman are to be cheated and laid down
and man should never bow down.
Emotions are part of women’s regime
yet she protects herself with a blind game.

Kissing in public is condemned
yet groping a woman’s body is temptation.
For she has learned to bear the humiliation.

Women are commodities to be sold or married.
a stranger or known man is not a problem.
They are made for bearing children.
If nothing works out move a divorce petition.

Woman should have her entire body covered
as man is born violent and savage
else even getting raped can be justified.

Marry only from one’s caste
else life will be worthless.
Caste is totally harmless.
Only is God is casteless.

Listening to a stupid authority is strategy
and raising your voice is tragedy.
Leaving one’s duty is justified
if God is well satisfied.

Let keep going with dignity
by not blaming our society
and corrupt one’s humanity.

If I am blaming a group of people
I take all the blame upon me
All I have said is what I believe.


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