Control vs. Prohibition (Ban on sale of cows for slaughter at livestock markets)


Human being primarily an animal, whose drives as directed in the direction of desires. When the desires are blocked, they become perverts. Animals other than human beings only have drives.

BJP followers, justify the ban on the slaughter of cows, on the basis of cruelty shown to animals. A pacifist approach to blackout any other discussions that may happen on this topic. Also, this is an easy way to silence people, because people are taught not be cruel and would like to think about themselves to be non-cruel.

Let’s hold on to the one and only justification and try to analyze the scenario. Humans are not non-cruel by nature. We are animals and have all the instincts that an animal would have inherited through it’s DNA. So, why are we taught not to be cruel to our fellows being and other beings, with whom we inhabit the planet? Because our desires shouldn’t annihilate the desires of our fellow beings, by taking out the drives or desires against each other. We are asked not to be cruel to other beings because we shouldn’t break the natural equilibrium, that is required for the sustenance of our race. Society, culture or religion is thus a suspended violence.

The role of a Government or a civilized body is to provide a space where people can develop themselves as per their desires and make sure that the desires of a person or a group is not impacting the desires of another person or group, and ensure ecological balance, because it in turn impacts people. Thus the role of civilized body is to maintain a control over the activities of the inhabitants, so that one doesn’t desire to eliminate others desire.

When a total ban is imposed on a food habit(which is not scientifically proven to be harmful), the right of people for having the food of their choice is affected on one hand and on the other the desire of group of people for having a certain food is sabotaged by a group of people who desire not to have the food. Here, the government body itself is crippling the right of a person to seek his desirable food.

Now, consider what would happen if desires of human beings are impacted. Do you still think prohibition is the solution?

NB: Don’t you think the government body, itself is moving with desire, a motive? A political analysis should also be combined to unravel the hidden agenda, behind this prohibition.


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